About us

Specialists in Underwater Acoustics

Subacoustech was formed in 1993 as the UK’s first specialist consultancy in underwater acoustics.

Based in Bishops Waltham in Hampshire, UK, Subacoustech was founded by Dr Jeremy Nedwell, a former Admiralty Lecturer in Underwater Acoustics at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (University of Southampton). Since early in its history, we have been recognised as being a leader in the field both in competence and scientific credibility. Research and innovation are central to the future of the company.

Subacoustech has considerable experience in managing collaborative research programmes, drawing on expertise from a range of specialisms including marine biology, signal processing and offshore construction. We regularly commission bespoke software and hardware in support of our research objectives and as a consequence Subacoustech has three times won SMART (Small Firms Merit Award for Research and Technology) awards and has also won a prestigious Foresight Award from the DTI. We have published research in a number of papers in peer reviewed journals (see our publications) and participate in consultation with regulatory bodies.

In providing consultancy services, Subacoustech can draw on this experience and expertise to ensure that the advice we give is based on the latest scientific research and validated against real world data. In recent years we have assisted with the environmental impact assessments for the majority of offshore wind farm developments in UK.

Today most of our consultancy and environmental research services are provided by the Environmental group (Subacoustech Environmental) whilst the more development oriented work is carried out within Subacoustech. However both teams work closely together to ensure that the right expertise is available to clients.