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Subacoustech provides consultancy and research into underwater noise on behalf of government and commercial organisations throughout the world.

Underwater noise is an increasingly important environmental issue for all types of marine development. We specialise in undertaking environmental impact assessments and assisting clients to achieve compliance with licencing conditions with regards to underwater noise. With over 20 years experience of successfully delivering assessments for all forms of marine development, we have the experience to deliver what you need.


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Modelling the impact of underwater noise from a wide variety of man made sources. Our INSPIRE software has assisted many clients to mitigate the impact of piling noise and achieve development consent.
Designing and undertaking underwater noise surveys for a wide range of development activities as well as ambient conditions. We work anywhere from inland lakes to many miles offshore.
As a specialist underwater noise consultancy with strong academic research credentials, we have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the best advice and support available.

Research & Development

Ongoing research is an important part of Subacoustech, informing all other areas of our work. We work with various universities and undertake research projects for government and commercial organisations.
Our expert knowledge of transducer technology and signal processing enables us to develop bespoke instrumentation and measurement equipment. Sometimes with applications beyond underwater acoustics.
We are constantly seeking new ways to apply our technology and this has led to a number of new and innovative solutions to challenges faced by our clients.

Latest News

New paper published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Subacoustech has recently completed a 3 year project funded by DEFRA in conjunction with Loughine Ltd, Newcastle University and Hull University. As a result of this work, Tony Hawkins of Loughine Ltd, Louise Roberts of Hull University and Samuel Cheesman […]

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The Third International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life in Budapest

Samuel Cheesman from Subacoustech Environmental presented a paper at the Conference on the effects of noise on aquatic life. Tim Mason also attended. This biennial conference follows the previous one in Cork, 2012 and focused on the effects of underwater noise on […]

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