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Offshore Wind Farms

Subacoustech have been involved in a large number of Offshore Wind Farms. In almost all cases, the main cause of concern is the noise generated by impact piling during the foundation installation and this often forms a key aspect of the consenting conditions.

Given the amount of underwater noise generated during the construction phase of offshore wind farms, a site specific assessment of the likely impact of underwater noise is an essential element of the overall environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Subacoustech have undertaken the assement of underwater noise for the majority of offshore wind farms in UK waters. Assessments usually involve modelling using our own INSPIRE model (supplemented with other modelling approaches where appropriate) and assessment of impact using agreed criteria and the latest published research.

Sound files of windfarm related underwater noise can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Windfarm construction underwater noise:

Operational turbine underwater noise:

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