Over a number of years Subacoustech have developed a range of innovative bespoke solutions. Some of these were to assist our clients with meeting their objectives others were to improve our own services or develop new products.

Solutions include:

Diver helmet noise system:

Equipment was designed and built to measure the external and internal noise level for a diving helmet. The system is self-contained and can operate continously for up to 48 hours at depths of up to 220 metres.

Subacoustech designed and commissioned the pressure vessel including the helium release valve to enable extended use in hyperbaric gases. The pre-amplifiers were designed and made by Subacoustech and connect to a suitable recording and storage device.

A diver fitted with the monitor undertaking work at a depth of 122 metres.


Remote Underwater Noise Monitor

The remote monitoring system has been developed to carry out unattended noise monitoring for periods of up to 5 days. More information can be found here.

All aspects of the systems were designed and commissioned by Subacoustech including the acquisition and processing boards, storage and Wi-Fi communications.

Subacoustech have recently been granted a SMART award to develop a new version of the solution that will include improved functionality and enhanced processing capabilities such as marine mammal identification, location and ranging with extended battery life.

Fish Guidance Systems:
Research into acoustical systems by Subacoustech has developed a proven, efficient, cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to traditional physical screens. Fish Guidance Systems Ltd now markets cutting-edge behavioural technology that reduces fish kill at thermal and hydro-electric power station intakes, as well as flood prevention and irrigation pumping stations and potable water abstraction inlets.

You can find out more about these products at the Fish Guidance Systems Ltd website.