Recent Research Projects

Project: Investigation into the impact of anthropogenic noise on fish in their natural habitat.
Client: DEFRA
Working With: University of  Hull, University of Newcastle and Loughine Ltd.
Dates: 2011 – Ongoing

Almost all current research into the behaviour of fish when exposed to anthropogenic noise is based upon studies of caged fish. Much has been written about the likely behaviour of fish and marine mammals in the presence of high noise levels (including dBht (species) criteria) and this research aims to further understand the beviour of fish in the wild under various noise conditions.


Project: Investigation into the Noise Exposure of Commercial Divers.
Client: Norwegian Oil and Gas Association
Dates: 2011 – Ongoing

Workplace noise exposure limits are in place in almost every industry however the assessment of a ‘noise dose’ for commercial divers is particularly difficult due to the working conditions and the fact that the response of the ear in water and under high pressure differs significantly to that in air. This research aims to improve the understanding of noise exposure of commercial divers in the oil and gas sector.