Over the years Subacoustech have made significant investments in modelling and prediction capabilities and we now have one of the most advanced modelling solutions available. Our modelling reports have been widely accepted by regulatory authorities as part of the Environmental Impact Assessments for marine development.

Subacoustech’s approach to modelling has developed around the requirements of environmental impact assessments and is focused on those noise sources and characteristics that are the most¬†environmentally significant. Models are based on ¬†numerical analysis validated by real world data from our substantial archive of measurements.

INSPIRE is our flagship modelling application used primarily for modelling piling noise. It has been validated against a large number of real-world piling operations and continues to show high degree of accuracy. INSPIRE-Light is a version of INSPIRE that runs extremely fast and can be used in workshops to explore various scenarios (such as designing slow/soft starts) to find operationally acceptable solutions that will achieve consent. Find out more about INSPIRE.

SPEAR is used to rank the significance of different noise sources to enable resources to be targeted at the areas of most concern. This is particularly useful in projects such as port developments where a number of different construction tasks (drilling, blasting, dredging etc.) will be employed. More about SPEAR.

Other modelling work includes Individual Based Modelling and Detailed Numerical Modelling. These are areas of current research that will improve our understanding of the physical mechanisms of noise propagation and more realistic modelling of the behaviour of groups of marine animals. More about out modelling developments.

There remains a number of gaps in the understanding of noise in the marine environment and how various species respond. For this reason, our modelling services are continually evolving as new research is published and regulatory requirements are updated.