About Our Company

Subacoustech receives the SMART award

Subacoustech is the UK's specialist consultancy in underwater acoustics. It was founded by Dr Jeremy Nedwell, former Admiralty Lecturer in Underwater Acoustics at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, in January 1993. The company specialises in research and consultancy into underwater acoustics, but also sees innovation as of central importance to its future.

The company is expert in managing collaborative research programmes, and can supply a wide range of experts from fields as diverse as biology, electronic engineering, explosives, offshore construction, environmental science etc. The company can draw upon this expertise to provide consultancy services including environmental impact assessments, technology review and transfer, expert guidance, and product research and development.

As a consequence, it has three times won SMART (Small Firms Award for Research and Technology) awards from the UK's Department of Trade and Industry for its research, and in 1998 won the DTI's prestigious Foresight Award.

Subacoustech prides itself in being in the top echelon of competence and scientific credibility in its field, and its staff have a good publication record. It has also achieved a reputation for "getting things done" even with the most arduous research tasks. Many of the research areas have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

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If you would like to discuss the services Subacoustech provides please call us on 01489 891849 or email with any queries, comments or suggestions for the website to subacoustech@subacoustech.com.