Underwater Noise Consultancy

Subacoustech’s consultancy team have over 20 years experience of consultancy projects covering all aspects of acoustics and underwater noise.¬†Our aim is always to provide our clients with the best available advice and support backed up by experience and academic credentials.

Environmental Consultancy

Underwater noise can be created by a multitude of man made activities such as ship movements, construction adjacent to a river, through to the extreme levels of sound generated during the use of explosives underwater, for instance for decommissioning of unwanted oil and gas installations.

The noise from these activities has the capacity to directly cause disturbance to marine animals such as fish, seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises, and may also cause secondary effects for instance by disturbance of their food.

The effects of noise can include death or lethal injury, physical injuries that can have longer term consequences for the animal such as deafness, and sub-lethal behavioural effects such as the avoidance of an area. All of these may have significant consequences for individuals or stocks of a species.

Subacoustech has developed proven strategies to model the likely level of noise, interpret it in a biologically significant way, estimate impact zones and measure the actual noise, during the activity, to ensure the levels are not exceeding predictions for which mitigation measures may have been put in place.

Other Consultancy

Alongside modelling and measurement projects, we regularly undertake ‘one-off’ projects to solve particular problems for our clients.

Such projects include

- Designing, building and testing an anechoic tank
- Investigating the noise from underwater breathing apparatus
- Advising on the use of explosive charges underwater

As no two projects are the same, we will always work with our clients to understand their objectives and design the most appropriate solution.

No matter how large or small the project, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Please contact us.